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The Write Life

What to Do About Freelance Writing When You Update Your Resume

"Do you focus on prestigious publications? The quantity of clips you’ve accumulated? Or skills you’ve picked up on as a small business owner?"

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Meet The Woman Trying To Take Steve King’s Congressional Seat

"Replying to King’s initial tweet, she says, helped her campaign win widespread support — but she already had the framework in place to take advantage of the opportunity."

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Teen Vogue

6 Ways to Support Public Libraries

"In the era of fake news and digital surveillance, libraries both provide media literacy and data privacy.?

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This couple is building an app to find LGBTQ-friendly healthcare providers

"Nic Anthony and Catherine Hofmann realized that finding a healthcare provider is one of the top concerns of queer and trans folks."

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Why Meat-Loving Omaha Is Crazy About These Vegan Hot Dogs

"Expectedly, Fauxmaha attracts the vegan community, but some customers approach the stand without knowing the hot dogs are vegan."

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Philadelphia Weekly

Philly protesters greet anti-transgender 'Free Speech Bus'

"Before the bus could fully circled City Hall, a crowd of more than 100 protesters quickly blocked traffic in the roundabout as a form of resistance."

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Meet Sharron Cooks, activist and chair of the new Mayor’s Commission on LGBT Affairs

"'The issue of race relations is bigger than the Gayborhood and Philadelphia, but my hope is everyone can come to a better understanding so we can have civil and respectful relationships between one another.'"

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How Television Is Leading the Asexual Revolution

"Just like sexuality, asexuality is a spectrum."

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The Freelancer

The 5 Required Courses You'd Take if You Majored in Freelancing

"Welcome to Freelancer U. Here are the five courses you have to take before you graduate."

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The digital marketing world's best-kept secret: 'No one has it figured out'

“'Where’s the button that tells me what all this data means?'”

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The Write Life

5 Crucial Tips if You Want to Write for Local Publications

"The writing world is a small one, especially when it comes to local publications."

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Impose Magazine

Omaha's JAGAJA Debuts Self-Titled Album | Impose Magazine

"JAGAJA is all about symmetry. While the identical twins have spent their entire lives together, they couldn’t be more different at the moment."

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The Stigma Around IBS Is Making It Difficult For Women To Be Treated

"Talking about bowel health still makes people extremely uncomfortable, even those with bowel-related medical problems."

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Snapchat for Business: Everything You Need to Know

"Unlike most social networking platforms, the app's messaging services are entirely mobile-based, so if you want to use Snapchat for your business, your smartphone will become a crucial marketing tool."

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How two Philly feminist groups are combatting street harassment

“'Let’s stop minimizing what’s actually happening.'”