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The Billfold

How #TransCrowdFund Fights Against Economic Violence

"I reached out to J. to learn more about the hashtag and why crowdfunding is so important at this particular moment in history."

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My Life As a Beach Tagger

"My first job ever was working on the Jersey Shore."

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The Cost of Injuring Your Knee

"You can’t bend your knee with stitches in it, and you don’t realize how often you bend your knee until you can’t do it anymore."

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How a Horticulturist-Turned-Entrepreneur Excels With Etsy

"I love that my potential customers can read my reviews and learn what other customers enjoy about my products — heavy silver, great communication skills, replies quickly, etc."

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How Airbnb Supports a Musician in Brooklyn

"I sold vintage clothing for twenty years, but I thought it was enough. I wanted to do something else."

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How a Dancer in New York City Earns a Living

"Oover 53 million Americans freelance and, on average, earn 17 percent more per hour than conventional full-time employees—but they pay those earnings back by being responsible for their own taxes and benefits."

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Cost of Living Through Concert Tickets

"I wanted to see how much of a financial difference living in the Midwest really makes beyond basic living expenses."

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How a Low-Income Household College Student Graduated Without Massive Debt

"'I was different,' I told myself. I was going to make this work."

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College Students Shouldn’t Work Exclusively to Graduate

"Students shouldn’t feel obligated to take on multiple jobs exclusively to graduate."

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Now That I Can Afford A Smartphone, I’m Putting It To Work

"I buy secondhand clothes; save up spare change; refrain from impulse purchases. And, in 2015, I used my smartphone to take frugality to the next level. I started using mobile apps to earn extra income. "

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Everyone Deserves A Living Wage

"Unfortunately, Talia lives the reality of many recent college graduates in the United States. Contrary to the American Dream our parents hope we’d achieve with a college degree, most of us are lucky to be paid a mediocre wage."

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How To Support A Cause Without Donating Money

"As the 2016 election approaches, it’s more evident than ever money influences politics. Private donations fuel campaigns and help candidates win. This is where support for Democratic candidates divides. Sanders relies on contributions from over 2 million individual donors. Clinton is backed by Wall Street and Super PACs."

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Making Fiverr Work for Me

"I’m told I deserve more pay, and I’m relieved other writers understand my ability without having to prove it. I also hear working for little to no pay brings down the worth of the freelance writing community as a whole.
But I know that every dollar counts, and if I want to increase my income, I have to figure out what works for me—even if it goes against traditional freelance advice."

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What About Maximum Wage?

"The next time someone asks you what you think the minimum wage should be, ask them what they think the maximum wage should be."