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Long-Term Goal: Put Down the Phone

"According to a 2016 Bank of America study, a whopping third of smartphone users surveyed think of their device first thing in the morning before a cup of coffee, brushing their teeth, or even their significant other."

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8 Essential Newsletters for Staying Informed

"No matter which newsletter(s) you choose, skimming a special, curated newsletter serves you better compared to relying on social media platforms."

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Backpack Through Europe: 5 Steps

"For the next six months, I put away half of each paycheck. I pretended that money didn’t exist."

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5 Steps to Finding a Sublet in a New City

"If you’re planning to move to a new city, a sublet may be a good choice for your first housing option."

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Short-Term Goal: Try a Vegan Diet

"It helps to know which common grocery items are accidentally vegan, or products not created to be vegan but are."

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5 Questions to Ask Before Relocating for a Job

"Avoid making a spontaneous, quick move to accept a long-distance job offer, even if you’re a recent college graduate."

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How I Handled Identity Fraud

"I had a long-delinquent bill from Comcast. The problem? I was never a Comcast customer."

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What to Look for in a Study Abroad Program

"Are there courses within your major you can take abroad? Is your course load flexible? Consult your curriculum for major(s), concentration(s), and/or minor(s)."

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Short-Term Goal: 7 Podcasts for 7 Days

"According to Pew Research Center, podcast listenership doubled in 2015 compared to 2008. And since there are so many podcasts out there, it can be overwhelming to choose one."

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Don’t Forget Social Media Accounts During Estate Planning

"If you’re like me, you don’t want your social media presence to linger after you’ve passed. There’s a legal procedure for including your social media accounts through estate planning. Some estate planning agencies include digital assets in their services."

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Short-Term Goal: Learn to Code for Free

"You can drop everything and enroll in an intensive web development code school. You can even pay for classes through sites like General Assembly. Or you can do it for free, like me."