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I Write About Money for a Living, But Being Asked for Financial Advice Makes Me Uncomfortable

"Whenever I write about money from a personal lens, the work comes from an extremely vulnerable place."

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This Is Why (and How) I've Read Hundreds of Books Per Year

"Reading about other peoples’s stories, too, helps me de-center my life experiences and really look at the world from another perspective I likely hadn’t ever considered before."

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How Online Learning Websites Help Me Combat My Anxiety

"They help me get through dark days, because these resources make learning easy from the comfort of my bedside."

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What #FirstSevenJobs Teaches Us About Millennials

"I grew up outside of Ocean City, a resort town on the Jersey Shore. As a teenager, my job market was predominately in the seasonal tourism industry."

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Why I Live-Tweeted My Beauty Routine Before A Wedding

"While I survived the wedding (with a bottle of champagne), I couldn’t have done it without expressing myself over social media."

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I Love To Challenge Gender Roles, Even On Date Night

"These incidents make me feel like property, rather than a romantic partner. The everyday act implies I can’t pay for myself, as if my partner pays for everything."

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How Reading About Mental Health Online Has Helped Me Come to Terms With My Own Issues

"Not only did it affect so many people (including those around me), but these people weren’t that different from me."

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To All The People Who Find Mother's Day Hard To Celebrate

"Mother’s Day, like any other holiday, is not mandatory. There aren’t any rules to celebrating your mother or not celebrating at all."