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Meet Sharron Cooks, activist and chair of the new Mayor’s Commission on LGBT Affairs

"'The issue of race relations is bigger than the Gayborhood and Philadelphia, but my hope is everyone can come to a better understanding so we can have civil and respectful relationships between one another.'"

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How two Philly feminist groups are combatting street harassment

“'Let’s stop minimizing what’s actually happening.'”

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The Mayor's Commission on LGBT Affairs is listening

"'To address race relations, we must demand trans lives matter and Black trans lives matter and not just when someone is murdered.'"

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This Philly T-shirt company is celebrating 'Forgotten Women of the Civil Rights Movement'

"Using comic book fonts and superhero illustrations, the Philly company’s T-shirts feature unsung heroes such as Sojourner Truth, Elaine Brown, Audre Lorde, Tarika 'Matilaba' Lewis and Fannie Lou Hammer."