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Justmayo article

Just Mayo Might Not Be As Popular As We Once Thought

"This lawsuit proved a vegan business can indeed rally against their omnivorous competition—or so we thought."

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Why North Dakota's First Vegan Restaurant Is A Big Deal

"Not only is it the first vegan restaurant in the entire state, but it adds itself to a small list of vegan businesses in the surrounding region."

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How To Travel Anywhere While Vegan

"For those starting out with a vegan lifestyle, traveling can be intimidating. I know it was for me."

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Taco Bell Is Helping the Fast Food Industry Go Veg

"Taco Bell is the first QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) to do so. Hopefully, other fast food chains will incorporate vegan-friendly options into their menus."

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Trans Woman Runs For South Carolina Statehouse

"It doesn’t help that the GOP advocates stricter voter ID laws. As a result, trans voters can easily be turned away from the polls as well."

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How To Focus On Self-Care During National Tragedies

"Social justice activism can sometimes feel like a recurring battle, and it’s beneficial to recharge once in awhile."

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Progressive Vegan Cafe in Tbilisi Attacked by ‘Extremist’ Group

"The incident might not necessarily reflect anti-vegan/vegetarian action exclusively, but it inherently represents an opposition of Western society."

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Why Some of the Queer Community Skipped Pride This Year

"The LGBTQIA community still faces an exhausting amount of injustice a year later, despite the passing of marriage equality."

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Last Known Animal Shelter Gas Chamber Closes in California

"If you expect animal rights advocates to rejoice, think again."